Cutting Long layers for Curly Hair

Cutting Long layers for Curly Hair :

180 degree haircut is achieved by first cutting the zero degree around the bottom hairline (the front and back hair combed to the back). Then, establish a second guideline on the hair from the top crown area of the head (apex). Next, section the hair from the crown to the nape, leaving a small amount of the previously cut heir on the bottom (zero degree hair). Last, elevate the hair all the way to the top of the head to 180 degree elevation, lock the fingers to the hair combined with the top guideline, and cut the piece of hair next to the guideline, coming out of your fingers. Cut the entire back section the same way. Cut the top part by dividing sections to diagonal back subsections, and following the top guide. Leave the hair in the front hairline to be cut to forward direction. Comb the front hairline hair towards the face, cut a guideline fringe and use that as a guide to slither down the two front hair-shafts from each side of the face. Finally, combine the top portion of the haircut with the very bottom hair that was left behind when layering the top of the hair by angling the fingers and connecting the top and bottom guidelines. Check the haircut for balance. Great how to class, step-by-step video for beauty professionals, barbers, cosmetologists, beauty school students, salon hairdressers to learn and earn more money by doing what they love.

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