Hello, my Lovelies!! I know I missed a video this past Sunday, but I got really sick and didn’t leave the bed for two days. I’m feeling so much better and we really wanted to put out a really fun video showcasing dutch braids since they’re my favorite braids right not! I bring to you 5 Double Dutch Braided Hairstyles for Short Hair in this video.

Hairstyle One:
How To double Dutch Braided Half Up with Two Messy top knots / top messy buns. This one is really easy because you are not braiding all of your hair and it’s really fast and simple.

Hairstyle Two:
How To Double Braided Dutch Braids cornrows inspired with an edge. I love hair/braid cuffs – they add such a fun and edgy element to any hairstyle. This short hairstyle is also really easy because you’re dealing with very little amounts of hair.

Hairstyle Three:
How To Double Dutch Braided Side Messy Bun Updo. I can’t tell you how much I love this updo. It looks so intricate and detailed but really it was really simple, fast and easy to create. With this two double dutch braids, I took bigger sections to really emphasize my braids and fake the amount of hair I actually have.

Hairstyle Four:
How To Double Dutch Braided PigTails. I absolutely adore these two short hairstyles because I feel really girly, but yet edgy. Both of these are really easy to create because again I’m taking bigger sections of hair into the braids and I can really pull apart the braids to create and fake a really voluminous Dutch Braid. Which one do you prefer, pigtails or two low messy buns?

Hairstyle Five:
How to Double Dutch Braided Elegant Updo. OH, this one I LOVE! It’s so romantic, elegant, whimsical, edgy, and fun. The best part, it’s really fast and easy. Again, I took bigger sections to make sure that I could really pull apart these Dutch Braids.

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