3 Days of Heatless Hairstyles Hair Tutorial

3 Days of Heatless Hairstyles Hair Tutorial :
Here are 3 days of Heatless Hairstyles hair tutorial! Follow my hair from clean on day 1 to dirty day 3 hair and see how I make it work!

We all know the struggle of 2nd-day hairstyles. Your hair is oily, the ends are frizzy, and you want something that causes no damage! Well, these hairstyles should help! I think they’re all great dirty hairstyles, but they work on clean hair as well! These are all quick and easy and you know I had to throw in some braids. Any braided hairstyle is my favorite. You can do them for school, every day, work, even working out! They’re especially great for medium or long hair. Hope you love them!

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